Monday, July 11

Pregger Firefighters and all that

First, thanks for the kind thoughts both public and private. It was one of those situations where the death bothered me less than knowing how much it bothered those I love, as odd as that sounds. It was NO fun carrying a casket in 90+ degree heat while wearing a dark suit. But I'm back.

Been on several ambulance calls, and some stick out more than the others.

Call comes in as injuries to a firefighters. Seems our patient was struck in the belly by a piece of firefighting equipment. The main issue? She was 6.5 months pregnant at the time! I can't imagine that the squad's insurance agency likes the idea that she is out there taking calls...

What else - I am starting to dread having people tell me they are diabetic. For some reason I seem to be having a much harder time starting IVs on long-term diabetics. I missed my first shot on three people in a row last week (all diabetics). I hope it isn't just me...

Had a cardiac call this past week and was disturbed to learn my patient was born the same year I was. I'm getting old I guess...

I am teaching this summer to keep me out of prison while also enjoying more family time than I can during the year.

I have a lot of reading to catch up on (and not just your blogs :-) ).