Saturday, December 16

Who Needs a Locksmith?

You get to your car and the key won't work in any of the doors. It is after 3am and you've been "out" with some friends, but none of them are around. In fact it is awfully quiet in this sleepy little village you are in.

What to do? You are a fairly intelligent person, and you realize that the key's close friend is the brick (they share the common denominator of both having atoms...). With some skill you break the driver's side window. You climb in, light a cigarette, and get ready to head home... What luck! Now your key won't work in the ignition either. You are NOT the kind of person who likes wasted time or motion. How might one make the best use of this time? You got it, take a nap!

Enter police and EMS.

Note: Turns out the guy was in the WRONG CAR.

Good thing the key didn't work, eh?