Friday, December 8

Are they "students" too?

It's Friday and the last day of classes for the Fall of 2006. YEAH!

ESPN2 is currently showing a NCAA Iaa football semi-final between Montana and U-Mass. Note that this isn't Ia which everyone admits (behind closed doors) is basically semi-pro ball with teams associated with schools in a very loose fashion (separate dorms, eating areas, admissions criteria, etc.). No, this is the next tier down, where one might hope college students get to play some football vs. football players getting to attend some college.

Anyone want to make bets on:

1) The extent to which players on either team have majors that mirror the student body as a whole?

2) The GPAs for either team relative to their respective classmates?

3) The SAT's, High School Class Rank, High School course selection or High School GPAs for the football teams matching the student bodies as a whole?

The good news? The Iaa system has a playoff, instead of the money driven BCS system that bastardizes the Ia system.

The Grumpy DJ who has lost 2 days the last two weeks to athletics related meetings, reminding me how political this whole system is...

P.S. My apologies to Montana and U-Mass players who actually have a real academic experience and are worthy of attending your schools. I know you exist, but you must admit you are a minority.